A Guide to Pakistan’s Best Payment Gateways

However, payment Gateways play an important role in E-Commerce all over the world and E-Commerce entrepreneurs and businesses can only function effectively with payment gateways. This also applies to Pakistan, where many International payment providers are still reluctant to offer their services. So today you will see A Guide to Pakistan’s Best Payment Gateways.

Of course, reluctance arises for a few reasons, including malicious behavior by sellers and customers, lack of regulation, low-quality cybersecurity, and trade restrictions. 

Pakistani entrepreneurs and businesses also need help in receiving and sending payments. Therefore, with smooth cash flow, businesses and service companies can survive. So let us look at some of the payment gateways available in Pakistan and answer some basic questions.

What is a payment gateway?

Payment gateways that provide “commercial services” such as debit/credit card payments to both offline (traditional) and online businesses (online retailers, service providers). So these merchant services include credit/debit card terminals and other points of sale. 

Payment gateways facilitate transactions by transferring information between the payment gateway and the purchasing bank.

Accordingly, these gates may or may not be directly related to cash flow and most of them are web servers connected to the merchant’s POS system. So a payment gateway can connect several payment methods and get banks under one system.

Leading Payment Gateway Active in Pakistan – Bank

When credit and debit cards were first introduced, there was no concept of third-party payment gateways, and banks themselves were honored. They are already experts in handling transactions, so by defining the point of sale and using IT/Telecommunication settings, banks have become payment gateways.

HBL – Habib Bank Limited- an E-commerce payment solution:

One such bank in Pakistan, which is not only the pioneer of Pakistani banking but also provides online payment services, is HBL. 

Additionally, HBL recently introduced an e-commerce payment solution that allows PSP/PSO/Aggregators/E-commerce merchants to accept online payments from their customers on mobile apps and websites there. 

“E-Commerce Payment Solutions” also offers apps and plugins for popular e-commerce platforms such as WooCommerce and Magneto. 

The platform enables card-based payments (MasterCard, VISA, and PayPal Union Pay International), account-based payments (API-based services), and wallet-based payments.


  1. 3D Security
  2. Multiple currencies (AED, PKR, USD, GBP)
  3. Comprehensive portal offering search options, transaction history, reports, and refunds.
  4. Provide Apps for platforms like Magneto and WOO Commerce.
  5. Easy integration
  6. Easy reverse/refund from the seller to the customer account.
  7. Merchant Discount Rate (MDR) – calculated per conversion and may vary from customer to customer.
  8. E-commerce payment solution setup fee: 100,000 PKR
  9. Maintenance fee per year: 100,000 PKR
  10. Transaction fee: PKR 50 per transaction
  11. These fees do not include applicable taxes. Furthermore, these fees may vary at the discretion of the bank for different customers.

UBL – Go-Green Internet Merchant Buyback:

UBL is one of the oldest banks in Pakistan and has over 4 million customers. The bank has more than 1,400 branches and more than 44,000 contact points. To facilitate e-commerce businesses, the bank has launched an online payment gateway service called “Go-Green Internet Merchant Acquiring”.


  1. 3D Security
  2. Multiple currencies
  3. Activate Master and Visa cards
  4. Setup fee of 40,000 PKR
  5. Maintenance fee per year: PKR 50,000
  6. No transaction fees
  7. MDR- Seller discount rate is 3.5%
  8. The payment term is 10 days (Working days)

MCB Bank – MCB eGate:

MCB Bank Limited is one of the most famous and largest private banks in Pakistan. It has more than 1200 branches. The bank has issued more than 2.5 million cards (smart cards, prepaid cards, credit, and debit cards) and has more than 10,000 merchants. The bank has implemented the MCB eGate payment gateway service.


  1. Visa/ MasterCard/ China Union Debit and credit card payments
  2. Secure and safe card processing service
  3. 3D Security via MasterCard Internet Gateway Service (MIG)
  4. A merchant portal is available, which can allow you to view your transaction history and details.
  5. Setup fee: 50,000 PKR
  6. Maintenance fee: PKR 48,000 per year
  7. Transaction fee: 15 PKR per transaction
  8. Mekong Delta: 2.8%

The best Fintech companies | A Guide to Pakistan’s Best Payment Gateways


The company has its headquarters in New York City. The company employs more than 1,200 people and currently serves more than 4 million people in 21 traditional offices worldwide. So Payoneer is worth over $1 billion in 2019.


  1. It provides payment gateway services for freelance platforms as well as e-commerce marketplaces.
  2. The most popular names include Fiverr, Upwork, Amazon, Shopee, Google, Airbnb, etc.
  3. Payoneer offers wallet services, prepaid cards, and virtual bank accounts.
  4. Account balances can be withdrawn directly to your bank or used online with the help of a Payoneer debit card.
  5. It offers international transactions in over 200 countries and over 150 currencies
  6. Low price.

Jazz Cash:

Afterward realizing the potential of E-Commerce and the need for payment solutions, the telecommunications sector has started to provide means of remittance. Therefore Mobilink introduced Jazz Cash, a mobile money transfer service that you can use almost anywhere in Pakistan.


  1. All you need is a simple smartphone and an internet connection.
  2. You can transfer money from Jazz Cash to Jazz Cash and your bank account with just one click.
  3. Jazz Cash also acts as an online payment gateway at many Pakistani websites.
  4. You can find this app on the google store and you need to register to use this app.
  5. Jazz Cash can be integrated with other payment gateways, including Payoneer.
  6. While there are restrictions on the number and value of transactions, this is a quick and easy way to transfer money.

EasyPaisa by Telenor | A Guide to Pakistan’s Best Payment Gateways

Another leading FINCA in Pakistan is EasyPaisa by Telenor and Telenor offers extensive coverage and has a substantial customer base.


  1. First mobile payment service in Pakistan.
  2. It has more than 7.4 million users.
  3. You can transfer money from EasyPaisa to EasyPaisa, bank account, etc.
  4. It can be integrated into e-commerce websites and used as a payment gateway.
  5. Money can be transferred easily and instantly.
  6. There are restrictions on the number and amount of transactions.

FonePay | A Guide to Pakistan’s Best Payment Gateways

Thus Fonepay Payment Service Limited originated in Nepal and it is licensed by the central bank of Nepal and is classified as a Payment System Operator.


  1. It has more than 63 partners, 17 million customers, and more than 900 thousand merchants in Just Nepal.
  2. It has alliances with international network partners, including Master, VISA, and Union Pay International.
  3. Use your smartphone and pay at hundreds of stores by scanning QR Codes.
  4. Fonepay digital wallet allows you to pay for flights, tickets, utility bills, retail stores, etc.
  5. Merchant service is also available; download and install the FonePay Merchant App, register, and link your account.
  6. All you need is to sign up, link your bank account to the FonePay Merchant App and you can start accepting payments from your customers. You will get paid every time your customer scans the QR Code.
  7. In Pakistan, FonePay has cooperated with many banks, such as Meezan bank, JS bank, Jazz Cash, and Summit bank.
  8. Some of the companies that use the service commercially include Jalal sons, CSH Pharma, Howdy, and ZIC.

He knows Keenu | A Guide to Pakistan’s Best Payment Gateways

Keenu has been also providing wallet and payment integrations to millions of customers and over 7000 merchants worldwide.


  1. Keenu enables trusted plugins, integrations, and wallet services.
  2. Services include in-store payments, digital payments, and loyalty programs.
  3. Keenu also provides merchant services for the likes of Rado, Movenpick, Cinemax, TISSOT, and countless others.
  4. It has partnered with local banks such as Askari, Habib Metro, Meezan Ban, Bank Islami, and Bank AL Habib.

Inference | A Guide to Pakistan’s Best Payment Gateways

The decision to choose a payment gateway should consider the following factors:

  1. The nature of business
  2. Active market (local/international or both)
  3. Network security
  4. Easy payment integration
  5. Availability of reports like weekly/monthly sales, reverse/refunds, etc.
  6. Simple and easy payment and receipt procedures.
  7. Transaction fees/fees, annual fees, etc.

Finding the right payment gateway can be a challenge, especially in Pakistan.

Local businesses and service providers have a multitude of options. However, real problems start to appear when you try to cross borders. The most important hurdles facing Pakistani online businesses include the lack of international payment service providers and restrictions. 

Hence, the government of Pakistan needs to start taking these issues seriously and fulfill its role in creating international cooperation by providing security. 

For example, PayPal does not work in Pakistan due to commerce and network protection issues. Regulations are required to ensure that both the seller and the customer are held accountable. PayPal is essential if a business wants to target markets like the US and UK.