Bagel with Cream Cheese: How Many Calories to Expect?

There are almost 430 calories in a Bagel with cream cheese. While solving a question on the diet and nutrition home worksheet you had a new query. Suppose you encounter a question to calculate the nutritional value of your breakfast or dinner. And this morning you ate a whole Bagel with cheese and a bottle of fresh orange juice.  So you raise a question, “How Many Calories In A Bagel With Cream Cheese?”. Let’s get it in complete detail.

What about an examination hurry when you have to reach the examination hall really quickly? The mom is sleeping and you have to stop by a mart to purchase a few things you need. So you will just go to the mart and buy the stationery you need plus a big size bagel to eat on the way to school.

Throughout the way, you will be thinking “How Many Calories In A Bagel With Cream Cheese?”. So, here is the answer, a cream Bagel contains 360 calories and a layer of cheese over it will contain 70 calories. So there is a total of 430 calories you are going to gulp in such a hurry.  If you are diet conscious you are going to disturb yourself the whole day long after knowing its nutritional value. 

Today we are going to explain the nutritional weightage of the Bagel with a complete reference to the ingredients it includes. Read out the complete article to know everything about the special Doughnut carbs, calories, and fats it holds. Get along with us to dive into this informational blog.

What is a Bagel With Cream Cheese and what is the procedure to cook it?

The Bagel is an important part of the casual breakfast, lunches, and brunch tea snacks. This is also one of the Jewish dishes so is the most common item in all Jewish meals. 

The Bagel is just simple to bake and it is similar to the bread composition.  The major ingredients are flour, sugar, yeast, and a good amount of other devious items like eggs, vanilla,  sausages, etc to give it a new relish. Various recipes to cook different types of Bagels are present on YouTube and the internet so that you may cook the one you like.

What is the weight of a  Bagel With Cream Cheese?

On average, the size of the Bagel is just like a regular doughnut. Its size is four and a half inches and therefore it matches the diameter of the doughnut. The weightage, however, may differ depending on the ingredients that make up the BAGEL.

What is the weight of a Bagel With Cream Cheese you buy at the store?

The Bagel we buy at the normal store is just equal to about 4.5 ounces and in grams, it comes out as 130 grams only. But with respect to the nutritional value, it is just a burst up. But those who starve all day can have Bagel at the start of the day to get enough energy for the whole day.

What is the number of calories in a Bagel With Cream Cheese?

Before we go to examine a bagel with cheese let’s see the one which is dry and without the cheese. A Bagel without cheese is having 360 calories per piece and actually, this may also vary according to the type of flour one added.

On adding one tablespoon of sweet or sour cream it would add up to 70 more calories, thus the whole calorie makeup in the Bagel is 430 cal.

What is the nutritional value of a Bagel as compared to a white bread slice?

A white bread slice weighs only one ounce and carries 79 calories. Comparing a Bagel of 4.5 ounces with it with quadruple nutrition. The Bagel is hence four times greater than that of a white bread slice.

What is an Egg Bagel and how many calories are in it?

An egg bagel is one that contains an excellent combo of egg white and flavors to make it more delicious. 

But the weight of the Bagel is exactly the same as that of the simple Bagel so its nutrition is the same. An egg bagel contains nearly 364 calories and thus approximately the same 14 grams of dry protein.

What do you know about a multigrain Bagel?

A multigrain bagel is composed of different grain flour like white flour, brown flour, wheat, and rice flour. It carries a lesser number of calories and is thus the best option to eat if one craves it. It contains approximately 313 calories per piece and 9 grams of fiber. Fiber makes the diet a healthy supplement and thus people are more likely to choose a multigrain Bagel over an Egg Bagel.

How to manage your diet if you crave a cheesy Bagel?

First, you should reject the idea of eating a cheesy Bagel but if you cannot control your taste craving, there is an idea. You can choose the less-calorie cheese to scoop on the Bagel. For this purpose, you can choose low-fat-cream cheese to have on your Bagel. It is better to choose a multigrain bagel for this purpose.

How should you manage your diet if you are fond of Bagels?

Bagel eating is manageable with your weight management if this is the only option for you. Try the following tips to regulate the diet as per your diet chart. Follow up on the following instructions to tackle this issue:

  1. Bagels are easily absorbed in the alimentary canal so one must strongly work out to burn the calories.
  2. If you want a sweet Bagel, you should add natural sweets and natural sour flavors in it instead of artificial sweets. You can try strawberries, raspberries, honey, etc.
  3. Try to replace Bagels slowly if you are addicted to eating them and this will help you a lot in improving your weight.


Is it better to take an Egg Bagel for breakfast or a cream cheese Bagel?

An egg bagel is better, in my view, because it carries fewer calories.

What is the recipe to make an Egg Bagel at home?

It is quite easy. Use the same recipe with the same ingredients but while making the dough just add up eggs and give it a fine consistency. You can also use meat if you like in this recipe.


So guys, our topic “How Many Calories In A Bagel With Cream Cheese?” sums up here. Understand the calories and nutritional values of the items you eat and then make a diet chart to not overeat or eat unhealthily.  Besides, take a healthy diet, sleep and eat on a schedule and live long!