How Many Slices In A 12-Inch Pizza?


Craving for pizza after a hectic group study? Yes! Let’s order it from your favorite restaurant. But wait…which pizza should you order? You know the flavor but not the other parameters. While ordering a pizza you consider the size as well as the number of slices in that pizza according to the number of people. There are different numbers of slices in different sizes. To see the number of slices in a 12-inch pizza, let’s read the blog: “How Many Slices In A 12-Inch Pizza?”. The answer to this question is that a 12- inch pizza usually contains 8 slices usually. 

Pizza is the favorite fast food of many people in the whole world. Chefs all around the world invent new flavors that never let the Pizza craving go fade. There are two options for you to dine on a pizza. You can either go and eat in a restaurant or get a pizza delivery at home.

There is a variable number of eaters all the time.  So before you order pizza, you should know the slices that the pizza contains and also the slices in a specific size. So here we are to get to know the number of pizza slices in a 12-inch pizza so that when you need to do so, you should not have to wonder.

 Also, you can search for other sizes and also check out other restaurants for the exact slices they put in a 12-inch pizza. But knowing the slices in your favorite fast food is significant. So get ready to read interesting everyday information on today’s topic.

In how many sizes do the pizzas come?

The restaurants bake and offer pizza in different sizes such as:

  1. Small size: 8 to10 inches
  2. Medium size: 12 inches
  3. Large size: 16 inches
  4. Extra large pizza: 18 to 20 inches
  5. The size you can customize according to your need for a special event ( like a birthday party or a get-together)

What is the standard name of a 12-inch pizza?

You see the different sizes mark for different names in the restaurants. So a 12-inch pizza actually means a medium size pizza. So if you want to order a 12-inch pizza, you can simply ask for a medium size pizza in a restaurant.

How Many Slices In A 12-Inch Pizza?

A 12- size or a medium size pizza has only 8 slices. If you are four people to eat that one, you can have it in just 4 slices. This will help you eat in simple four-quarters and no need to count and divide slices. You can apply this idea to larger pizzas as well.

What is the “12 inch” in pizza measurement of a restaurant?

The pizzas are round so you may think the number measurement is either the diameter or the radius. Yes, this is the diameter of each pizza. So imagine the size of the pizza before you order the one, by thinking of the number of measurements that come with this pizza.

What is the serving size of a 12-inch or a medium pizza?

The medium pizza usually comes in 8 standard-size slices. Since an average human likes to have 2 slices of pizza, this pizza is enough for four people. But if you know the guests can eat much more, you must ask them before you order how much they can eat at that time. 

The pizzas feed the people according to the toppings and the crust size as well. If you order a thin pizza, it will feed lesser people as compared to a thick pizza with heavy toppings like cheese, chicken, veggies, etc.

How much pizza should I order for a big gathering?

In a big family gathering or friends’ event, you should not better order 12-inches pizzas. Rather you should customize the order by telling the number of guests in your party to the restaurant management. However, if you think 2 or three large pizzas are enough, prefer this since the customizing will ask you for an extra charge. 

How many slices are there in an 18 inches pizza?

An 18- inch pizza means a large-size pizza. It usually contains 14 pieces or slices but again this is the restaurant’s choice or the customer’s.  You can order the pizza in only 4 slices or in the standard 8 slices. But an 18 inches pizza is really heavy so, have it in slices of 14.

What is the number of slices there in the extra large pizza from Domino?

Dominos offers an extra large pizza in 6 slices only. But if you want you can ask them to make more like many of the customers do according to the number of eaters in the home. People usually order extra large pizzas with 12 slices to have convenient dining.


So, readers, this was all about today’s informational blog: “How many slices in a 12-inch pizza?”. Hope you got the best ideas to have a pizza at home or a restaurant. To read more such informative articles please share and promote our link so that we may get an acceleration. Feels like you are craving a pizza after reading about pizza. Well, I am. Goodbye so that I may get one for myself.


Is pizza a complete diet for kids?

Pizza is fast food, so it is not a complete diet for kids or adults. However, by adding nutritional value by yourself like by adding more vegetables, chicken, and corn you can make it healthy.

Can I bake a 12-inch pizza at home?

Yes, you may bake pizzas in any size indeed. Just watch a cooking channel baking pizza, and write down the recipe. You can even watch one on YouTube. Try your own cooking and enjoy the “Home-made Pizza”.