How To Get Telenor Loan – Telenor Loan Code 2022

Hello Friends, today’s tech blog is about “How To Get Telenor Loan – Telenor Loan Code 2022”. After reading this blog you will be capable of getting an advanced balance on Telenor whenever you will need it. Plus we’ll share the terms and conditions and related FAQs to clear this query up to 100%.  So let’s begin without any delay!

Why do users need to know the Telenor advance balance code just carefully read about How To Get Telenor Loan – Telenor Loan Code 2022.

We all use phones with different sim services, any one of the five sim networks in Pakistan. No doubt, we all run short of balance during our busy routines and often forget to recharge it. Taking an emergency call, when you don’t have a balance, is big trouble. 

Fortunately, all the network services in Pakistan offer their users a short loan service. For this, they need to know the related codes to take loans on that network. So here is the dialing code that you can use to get an advance balance on Telenor.

Telenor Services In Pakistan | How To Get Telenor Loan

Telenor is an immense sim network in Pakistan and all over the world. It is overwhelming the networks of various countries including Norway, Finland, Bangladesh, India, etc. And due to easy and cheap services, it has become the biggest network in most areas of the world. 

Telenor initialized working for the first time in 1885 but in Pakistan, its service came up in 2005. Now in 2022, it has gained over 494 million subscribers in just seventeen years. Not only this but also Telenor carries more than 26% market share and thus is the second biggest network in Pakistan. 

Getting to know the sim services, we can see Telenor has always offered affordable, reasonable bundles for all the services. It costs the cheapest call, SMS, IMO, Internet, Tiktok, Facebook, and WhatsApp offers. Plus like other networks, it also has issued devices that are designed by Telenor like modems, WiFi devices, cables, etc. 

Telenor also launched its microfinance bank in Pakistan -Easypaisa. With time it has become one of the most efficient, quick, and safe money transactions in and out of Pakistan. There are hundreds of other welfare services that this sim network offers to the public. But here we are only interested in one that is “How to take a loan in Telenor”.

Telenor Advance Balance Code 2022 | How To Get Telenor Loan

Telenor offers good loan services for customers with a first and second loan. The customers must be eligible for the loan application and then it takes no time to get a loan. Telenor advance code is *0#.

To apply for a loan both for Prepaid and Postpaid customers, go through the following process:

  1. Open the phone dial and type: *0#.
  2. Click call and the MMI code will run on screen.
  3. Later, the SMS arrival on your phone will confirm that you have got an advance balance of Rupees 15.
  4. The deduction charges for this loan are 3.5 which the network will deduct automatically on the next Telenor recharge.

Terms and Conditions of the Telenor Advance Balance:

Read out the terms and conditions before you apply for a loan or advance balance.

  1. The service charges for the Telenor loan are 3.5 so whenever you will recharge your phone, you will get “ total recharge minus 18.5 rupees”.
  2. Your balance must be less than 15 rupees if you are going to apply for a loan.
  3. On using data without a bundle you will get data at the cost of 1 minute of 4G service per rupee.
  4. You can get a second loan if you are a prepaid customer, but you cannot if you are a postpaid customer.
  5. A Telenor sim user must register his sim number on the official site of the PTA. it is illegal to use a sim that is not registered.


Today’s tech blog ends here. Hope you got enough information to take the advance using the respective sim code. Share and subscribe to our page to have more such informational tech blogs on a daily basis. 


Q1: How can I get a second loan on Telenor?

It is quite easy. You need to dial the same code that is *0# and you will get the next advance balance. Remember, now there will be a double deduction on getting an advance.

Q2: How can I return my Telenor loan if I am a postpaid customer?

The procedure is the same. You only need to recharge your account and you will have an automatic deduction.

Q3: is there a trick to using a new balance without returning the advanced balance?

Yes, this is an interesting one. You usually recharge your phone via Easypaisa or JazzCash. So instead of putting mobile load, you must click the mobile bundles. Here you select the package you want on your mobile and confirm. Congrats, you have subscribed to the package without paying the loan. 

Q4: Can we take a Telenor Loan via Telenor App?

Yes, you definitely can. Open the app and if your balance is less than rupees 15, you will see the blue button showing their “LOAN”. Click it and confirm. This is the easiest procedure to have a quick loan.

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