How to Make Money from Snack Video

Snackvideo is a Pakistani social site like TikTok that permits you to make and watch short movies that you might impart to other people. How to Make Money from Snack Video.

It’s basically as straightforward as recording or transferring a video from your telephone’s display. So they have a client base of 10 million dynamic clients around the world.

Therefore nibble Video applications might be downloaded through the Play Store or the App Store for iOS and Android cell phones.

We can bring in cash from nibble video applications in Pakistan in different techniques that are both straightforward and solid wellsprings of income.

In any case, you should peruse the whole article to figure out how to bring in cash from snake recordings. How to Make Money from Snack Video.

There are 8 Ways To Make Money from Snack Video

Here is a rundown of the relative multitude of procedures that can assist you with bringing in a ton of cash with the Snack Video in Pakistan:

  1. Bonus for registering/signing up
  2. Bonus each day
  3. Sponsorship
  4. Create a New Account 
  5. Invite Friends 
  6. Sell Products
  7. Competition Prizes
  8. Content Exchange

Following is the depiction of how to bring in cash through nibble recordings in Pakistan:

1. Bonus for registering/signing up

Whenever you download a nibble video and make a record of it, you will get 200 focuses. At the point when you download nibble recordings, you will like or view recordings.

Additionally, you can make recordings utilizing various layouts and foundation change choices; you can likewise reproduce discoursed of any of your number one films or character.

2. Bonus each day

Another method for bringing in cash is through nibble video in Pakistan, as it furnishes us with every day extra projects. How to Make Money from Snack Video.

If you watch recordings on it consistent schedule; you will win coins. Like, such as watching recordings of breakfast, changing recordings, and significantly more.

Coming up next is the way the Daily Bonus is appropriated:

  1. +200 Coins on Day 1
  2. +400 Coins on Day 2
  3. +800 Coins on Day 3
  4. +200 Coins on Day 4
  5. +400 Coins on Day 5
  6. +200 Coins on Day 6
  7. +1599 Coins on Day 7
  8. +2399 Coins on Day 14
  9. +2999 Coins on Day 21
  10. +3999 Coins on Day 30

Ensure you sign in to Snack Video every day to get your award.

3. Sponsorship

Transferring films supported by organizations for the web promotion of their item or administration is an extremely worthwhile method for bringing in cash.

Nibble Video is the most up-to-date stage to surprise the youthful, and each of the large companies maintains that their items should be remembered for it.

This is an entirely bankable chance for all video suppliers on Snack Video. How to Make Money from Snack Video.

4. Create a New Account 

Nibble Video pays new clients in two ways to urge them to investigate the records and recordings on the application.

They additionally give offers to their new clients or clients consistently, similar to any two recordings, and win coins, consistently, following any two records, and win coins.

5. Invite Friends 

So one more method for bringing in cash with Snack Video is to utilize your outside reference and code to welcome companions to join the program. This URL might be tracked down in the application’s settings.

You might acquire up to Rs. 140 to Rs. 200 for every reference when companions pursue Snack Video utilizing your reference code.

Therefore coming up next are the determinations of the welcome cash that might be won on Snack Video: in welcoming one Friend, you will get: Rs 190, for three Friends: Rs 570, for welcoming four Friends: Rs 760, on welcoming six Friends: Rs 1140, on welcoming seven Friends: Rs 1330 and, on welcoming nine Friends you will get: Rs 1710

Your companions should use both the outside reference and reference code provided by you to ensure that you get the welcome cash.

No cash will be given to the client in the event that the reference code isn’t utilized. So you can share welcoming connections through any friendly application like WhatsApp or Instagram.

6. Sell Products

Furthermore, Nibble Video is a flexible showcasing device that might advance a few things. In the wake of laying out an unwavering following, numerous clients adventure into online business.

Therefore garments, gems, hardware, and administrations are among the things sold by Snack Video in Pakistan.

7. Competition Prizes

Furthermore, Nibble Video has numerous video contests accessible to all enrolled clients in Pakistan. So you might win prizes going from fundamental T-shirts to costly gadgets like iPhones by partaking in these contests.

8. Content Exchange

So imparting recordings to companions is a compelling method for bringing in cash with Snack Video. Therefore this can furnish you with up to 1000 coins consistently, coming up next is the technique for sharing substances:

  1. Actuate the Snack Video application.
  2. By tapping on the coin symbol, you can get to the choices menu.
  3. Select ‘Offer exercises with your companions’ starting from the drop menu.

How to redeem coins?

You will get coins rather than rupees when you do any of the undertakings recorded above, yet these coins will be changed over completely to rupees before 8 a.m., permitting you and all coins can be reclaimed in rupees.

Withdrawal Money Method from Snack Video App

To pull out cash from the nibble video, adhere to the guidelines framed underneath.

  1. Select the choice in the lower right corner to get to your profile.
  2. Select the upper right corner symbol to get to the nibble video application choices.
  3. You may now add a telephone number to your profile.
  4. Fill in the subtleties for your Jazz Cash or Easypaisa account here.
  5. From that point onward, a confirmation record will be given to your telephone number.
  6. Then input this code in the necessary region, and your telephone number will be enrolled.
  7. Starting from the drop menu, select the coins choice.
  8. In PKR, sequential coins might be viewed here.
  9. Another page will open when you click on withdrawal.
  10. You can now pull out anyplace between Rs. 25 and Rs. 1200, however not a greater number than that.

Snack App Terms and Conditions | Make Money from Snack

Therefore cash acquiring nibble video in Pakistan through the accompanying advances incorporates a few agreements referenced underneath. You ought to follow these agreements:

  1. Can pull out cash once in 24 hours.
  2. The following withdrawal will be made in 1 day.
  3. Money will be gotten within 3 days of the withdrawal sum.
  4. We can utilize jazz cash and the simple Paisa application to move cash.
  5. It must be removed in a particular sum.


So this article incorporates how we can bring in cash through nibble recordings in Pakistan. But it incorporates 8 stages through which we can bring in cash in coins.

Then, at that point, a strategy to reclaim coins is likewise given. For more data sympathetically visit their site.

Pros and Cons of Snack Video:


  • New Video App.
  • Easy to use


  • Consume a lot of Data.
  • Developer Information is not present.


How much does Snack App pay per 1000 Views?

Snack App pays an estimated Rs. 100 per 10,000 views of the video. You will get only paid when your content is original or have many views.

How much can I earn from the referral program?

Basically, Snack pays Rs 250 if the user refers someone and the other user watches videos for 7 days.

How Much Money Can I Make from Snack Video App?

Clients can make more than 60,000 every month by transferring recordings and welcome to new clients.

Nibble surrenders new houses for Rs 3,000 so they can get more cash flow through this application.

Therefore it’s paying Rs.300 for every greeting. So remember that main in one condition you will get compensated assuming the welcomed individual watches recordings for the 7 days and complete his/her profile.

How to Withdraw Money from Snack Videos?

Go to the profile settings, Tap on Earning, and afterward tap on the pull-out. So select the ledger or Easypaisa or JazzCash. Enter the record number and pull out.

Click on the below download button to download Snack Video App and Enjoy