Ufone Advance Code How to get Ufone Loan?

There are over 23 million subscribers of Ufone in Pakistan and not everyone is having abundant credit all the time. It’s very common to go out of credit on the most important occasion when you need it. If Ufone had not added the advanced balance feature, this may have caused a big agitation. So this article is all focused on teaching you people: “Ufone Advance Code How to get Ufone Loan?” 

Keep reading till the end to have a blastic introduction to Ufone, its services, the advanced code, and the procedure to get a Ufone loan. Plus you will come to know all the packages you can apply for using the small loan amount in the best way.  Let’s get started with the Ufone introduction to our readers.

Ufone status in Pakistan | Ufone Advance Code How to get Ufone Loan?

Every layman uses an android or iPhone with a sim card of a network. In Pakistan, you will see a great number of people using communication technology via different sims. You will notice there is a huge number of people who use Jazz, Telenor, or Zong but very less who use Ufone.

So, this may be the cause of the small network and slow progress this network has made in years as compared to other sims. Ufone currently holds 23 million plus sim subscriptions and many of these are inactive now.

Therefore there is always a small guide about  Ufone that puts people in confusion about how to get a loan on Ufone.  Here, you can get an authentic code to have a loan on Ufone via your sim anytime you need it.

Ufone Services in Pakistan | Ufone Advance Code How to get Ufone Loan?

It was about two decades ago when Ufone company inaugurated its services in Pakistan Islamabad right on 29th January. With both prepaid and postpaid service provisions, Ufone earned its name in no time. It proved to be a good service provider with the best quality signals, affordable packages, beautiful advertisements, and this and that. Some of the services of Ufone are:

  1. SMS bundles
  2. Call Bundles
  3. 3G and 4G data bundles
  4. Entertainment bundles
  5. Hybrid packages
  6. My Choice Bundles
  7. U-Tunes
  8. Utilities
  9. U-Advance facility
  10. U-Paisa Facility

The U in the last three services in the list mentions the Ufone company initially and to give a unique style to services they named it so.  Although all the services are perfectly amazing with negligible flaws the U-Advance is noticeable.

What is U-Advance Service?

This is the sim service that is exclusively meant to provide all Ufone users with an advance balance of rupees 20.  Whenever U-customers run out of balance, they can get a Ufone loan with easy terms and conditions.

However, like all other services, Ufone also puts some limitations on getting an advance. For example, there would be a separate set of rules and regulations for prepaid and postpaid customers. 

 We are going to discuss everything a Ufone user may need, while he/she is applying for an advanced balance.  Scroll further to know the method and code to take a Ufone loan on your number.

What is the method to get a Ufone loan on a Prepaid number?

The prepaid service means the customer first installs some credit to his account and then uses it. The prepaid Ufone customers can apply for an advance by dialing *456# on the dial. If the customer is eligible, he or she soon receives a confirmation message followed by a successful addition of an Rs.20 balance. 

However, if he or she has already a pending loan to pay he or would get simply a rejection SMS. the prepaid customer has to then definitely get a sim recharge to first return and then to get the next.

How to get a Ufone loan on a Postpaid number?

The Postpaid users have the facility to use the services first and then pay. However, if such a customer wants a balance for some use, he or she may avail of it by dialing: “*229#”. In this way, the customers get a loan of rupees five only.

What is the method to return the Ufone loan for a Prepaid number?

Whenever a prepaid customer gets recharged on his account, the company deducts the loan with the additional charges of 4.69 and tax.  This is not unavoidable since to get a new loan, the customer must have returned the previous one. So pay your loan so that you may have a newer one!

What is the method to return the Ufone loan for a Postpaid number?

The method is the same for returning the postpaid advance loan.  However, customers of this type get a full deduction of rupees 5 plus tax. So, this may be a kind of expensive service here.


Hope, after you read the whole article you grabbed the idea of how to get a Ufone loan and how to return it. Remember, to have a loan on Ufone you must be the one who consumed 150 rupees. This is to avoid the unpaid pans from new sims. 

According to law and order under PTA, an unregistered sim holder cannot have a loan. Moreover,  it is illegal to have such a sim, so register your Ufone sims first and then go for a safe loan request. 


Q1: What is the simple Ufone call package I can subscribe to with my loan amount?

The smallest call package is 2 hours and contains unlimited on-net minutes and costs 7.5+tax.  You can subscribe to it by dialing *343# or by using “ My Ufone App”.

Q2: Tell me the helpline of Ufone.

The Ufone helpline is 333 and you can call them 24/7 to have solutions to your issues. 

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