Ufone Advance code-How to take the loan in Ufone?

Whatever the sim service a mobile user is having, at some point in his life is always in need of an advance balance or loan. So here are we going to show you the Ufone Advance code-How to take the loan in Ufone? 

So he or she must know the method to take the loan on the sim network he or is using currently. Since a lot of people are subscribers of Ufone therefore every user should know the “ Ufone Advance Code: How to take a loan on Ufone?”

Here we are going to expound fully well to take a loan in Ufone. Read till the end so that whenever you need you don’t have to fail. Learn the code to take a Ufone advance and check all the instructions and parameters associated with that loan. Try the methods we mention here one after another both for prepaid and postpaid type customers. 

There are five successful sims working actively in Pakistan with variable speeds and connectivity in all provinces. The Ufone is the smallest sim service available in Pakistan with a total of 23 million sim registrations. This sim service carries only a 12 percent market share in all the market shares of all sims.

Why does a sim user need to take an advance balance or loan?| Ufone Advance Code:

 There are multiple situations when a Ufone sim user may need to take a loan. Sometimes you are out of balance and you have an urgent call to do. Or you need to text someone for an urgent piece of work and your balance is short. What to do now?

In any of these situations, the Ufone sim user needs some balance loan with the condition of returning that back on the next recharge. But these services are not for free, every sim charges different charges on the return of the loan. In a similar way, Ufone charges approximately 4-5 Rupees more than the actual loan as a fee. 

Some sim services offer loans more than once and thus the customer can avail of the loan twice. So learn quickly how to apply for a sim loan on your Ufone sim network. Scroll down further to have the full methodology.

How to take a loan in Ufone? ( For prepaid customers only):

To apply for a prepaid advance balance in Ufone, follow up the procedure mentioned:

  1. Open the dial pad of your phone.
  2. Dial “*456#”, and you will see a notification running on the screen on the phone saying: “Processing”.
  3. Soon after you dial, you will receive a message on your phone about your request reception.
  4. Lastly, you will get an advance balance or loan of Rs. 20 on your account. 
  5. Also, you will receive a text showing you the deduction charges at the rate of 4.40 rupees per loan. 

Remember you can ask for only a single loan while using the Ufone.

How do the Prepaid users return the Ufone loan?

This is quite easy. When you recharge your sim card, you will get an automatic deduction of rupees 24.4. It is good to recharge your sim within thirty days after you got a loan from Ufone.

How to take a loan on Ufone? ( For post-paid customers only):

Since the post-paid customers cannot avail of a loan by dialing U advance code  *456# So how would they apply for a loan? Let’s read the description and steps to know how to take a loan in Ufone ( for post-paid users). 

Here is the whole procedure. Spend a few seconds reading this and get a valuable valid explanation to apply for the Ufone advance balance. 

  1. Open the dial and then type “*229#” on your phone.
  2. An irremovable notification will run “Processing” on your phone screen.
  3. Wait for the text message from the company that will assure you got your loan successfully. The loan amount arrived this way with the charges of 5 rupees.

What are the terms and conditions of taking a Ufone Loan?

Following are the terms and conditions that must be in the knowledge of the customer applying for a Ufone advance balance:

  1. The user must be using a legal sim card, one that has registration on the official PTA. 
  2. Ufone helpline contact is 333, call them if you don’t get a loan after successive failures.
  3. You must check if the loan has arrived or not by checking the balance. The Ufone balance check service is *124#.
  4. If you are receiving lots of unnecessary numbers, send that number to 9000 via SMS, to block that on your phone.


So this was all about the “Ufone Advance code: How to take the loan in Ufone?”.  Summing up the discussion we would like to ask you to share this page with friends and family. To know all the Pakistani and non-Pakistani current issues and their solutions visit us randomly.


Q1: what to do if I cannot retain the balance on my sim and it vanishes after I take a Ufone loan?

This may be due to the data usage without using a bundle unknowingly. You must know how to save balance by keeping data on. If the issue remains, call the helpline | Ufone Advance code-How to take the loan in Ufone?

Q2: what to do if I did not take a Ufone Loan and a loan return deduction occurs on recharge?

This may happen due to some network error. You can simply check the history of your recharge and use it or can call the Ufone helpline. 

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