Ufone Loan Code: How to take Ufone Loan?

There are multiple reasons why a person may need a loan on his or her sim. So every phone user should know Ufone Loan Code: How to take Ufone Loan?

Every sim service has a different set of rules to offer its subscribers but these days users are confused due to the variable policies of some. So we are going to mention in detail how to take a Ufone loan. 

Make sure to read the whole blog till the end so that whenever you need to apply for a Ufone loan you are not sitting mindlessly.

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Before we get into details, first get a small introduction to Ufone:


Ufone with the slogan “Tum hi to ho” started its service in Pakistan for the first time on January 29, 2001. The Ufone was very lucky to begin its service in Pakistan because of prime minister Pervez Musharraf. Ufone started its work with the very first office in Islamabad and issued sim cards to citizens with prepaid and postpaid policies.

Till now 2022, Ufone has gathered only 23 million subscribers which is actually a very small figure in comparison to other networks. Ufone offers 3G and 4g data service and calls service plus  affordable packages in:

  1. SMS
  2. U-Tunes
  3. U-Advance
  4. Utilities
  5. U-Entertainment
  6. Ufone Cricket
  7. And U-paisa

It is particularly necessary to know the Upisa service because this is the safest and easiest money transfer service. Users may send and receive money using their sims on Ufone networks. Plus they can carry out transactions abroad as well, with reasonable charges. 

Coming to the point of U-Advance is what the article is all about because U-advance means to ask for an advance balance on Ufone. Users can use various methods to apply for U-advance but through any means, there is a fee associated with the loan.

Scroll down further to know the Ufone loan-taking code and procedures for Prepaid and Postpaid customers.

How to Take Ufone Loan? ( Prepaid Customer Service):

  1. To apply for a prepaid loan on Ufone, open your phone’s dial using your prepaid number. Now type “*456#” and call.
  2. The MMI code will proceed even if you have zero balance on your account.
  3. Wait for the message “Your request is in process”.
  4. A new message arrives showing that a loan of Rupees 20 added to your balance. 
  5. Next time, whenever you will get a recharge, the Ufone company will deduct the loan amount of Rupees 20, and the Fee that is Rupees 4.69+tax.

How to take a Ufone loan? (Post-paid customers Service):

Therefore, U-Advance is always as important for postpaid customers as it is for  Prepaid customers. So if you want to apply for a Ufone loan, follow up the instructions if you are a postpaid type customer:

Instead of dialing the same Ufone Advance code, “*456#” and finding it fails, you must learn the exact method for the Ufone loan taking. Though some sim services offer loan codes that are the same for both types of customers, Ufone is always unique. 

See the steps given below and try now:

  1. Open the phone dial and type “*229#”.
  2. Call from your Postpaid number.
  3. Wait and receive the confirmation message for the loan balance that you received now.
  4. The loan return for this type is also the same, but you will get only an advance balance of rupees 5 on your postpaid number.
  5. The sim company deducts the loan return with the fee on your next payment.

What are the rules to take a Ufone loan?

Just like all other services the U-advance services come up with a definite set of instructions for all those who avail of a loan:

  1. The Ufone sim must have a registration with biometric verification. This is the order that PTA implements on sim subscribers to abandon illegal sim use in the country.
  2. Only those Ufone subscribers can get a U-loan who have consumed 150 rupees on the new sim. There is no other way to have advanced balance. 
  3. The company has nothing to do if your balance evaporates due to unnoticed data usage but you will definitely get a warning message.


Therefore, we strongly hope after you go through this whole informative blog, you get the most authentic and latest information. Plus you found an easy stepwise “How to take Ufone loan?” on our website both for a prepaid number and a postpaid number.  To know about all the details about packages and further Ufone information, you can visit Ufone’s official site: https://www.ufone.com/packages/.  We hope you will share our page and this blog with those who don’t know this earlier.


Q1: Is this compulsory to return Ufone Advance in 15 days?

Not at all. You read the terms and conditions of the loan and none of them mentions this point.

Q2: How to know if I have already taken a Ufone advance?

This is simple. Apply for a loan. If you will be deserving, you will get the one. But if you have already got one, you will receive a message delivering the same information. 

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